Smart Selector
Smart Selector is the world's most advanced layer selection algorithm for After Effects. Smart Selector's proprietary technology allows users to pinpoint and select layers densely nested within After Effects compositions
Interaction DesignProduct DesignProgramming
Integrated Multitasking
Integrated multitasking in Microsoft Teams allows users to continue working in the app while simultaneously engaging in a live meeting experience.
Interaction DesignMotion GraphicsUI/UX
Microsoft Teams Unvieling
Initial unveiling video of Microsoft Teams. Microsoft's first chat-based workspace centered around team collaboration.
Skype for Business Vision for Modern IT
Skype for Business's vision of the modern IT landscape.  My role on this project was to concept and animate UI interaction for later screen replacement and live action tracking. 
Motion GraphicsUI/UXAnimation
Xbox Snap Achievements
Xbox Snap Achievements is a companion experience that runs alongside live gameplay. Snap Achievements allows you to monitor achievement progress and access detailed information on specific achievements all while staying focused and immersed in a live gaming experience.
Interaction DesignMotion GraphicsUI/UX
Welcome to Microsoft Teams
Part 1/8 of the Microsoft Teams global help series. This is a product walkthrough and introduction to the Microsoft Teams core feature set. My role was writing, producing, and animating this help series along with overseeing creative direction and video localization.
Art DirectionMotion GraphicsUI/UX
Xbox One Revitalization
As part of the Xbox UX/UI shell team I worked on an initiative to evolve the Xbox visual/motion design language by creating high level motion studies to showcase a new design direction
Trigger is a After Effects script that automates and implementation process required for layer marker based animation. Trigger allows users to quickly setup and retime complex user flows by triggering animation events called via layer markers.
Product DesignProgramming
#iStandfor was a titling project I worked on for the Onassis Foundation. My role was to bring life to onscreen text to help reinforce the campaigns call-to-action messaging.
Motion GraphicsTypography
The Amazon Lending Team
This is 1 of 10 recruiting videos I produced for the Amazon's global recruiting series. My role involved ingesting raw footage, audio matching voiceover to multiple camera sources, sifting through b-roll, editing consistent storylines, color grading, and audio mastering. 
Creative DirectionEditorial Design
Halodrox - Drone Apocalypse
Halodrox is a multi level, accelerometer enabled, top-down shooter packed with Mario Kart style power ups and rapid fire action. Available for both android and iOS devices. (personal project)
Game DesignProgramming
Skype Room Remote - OOBE Pairing Flow
This is a OOBE (out-of-box experience) motion vignette showing device sign in and pairing using the Skype Room Remote app.
Interaction DesignMotion GraphicsUI/UX
The Social Shopping team
Social Shopping is responsible for our product reviews, recommendations, Wishlist and much more. This group has popularized online reviews but there is so much work to be done! This group is sitting on mountains of data and is looking for even more big ideas.
Creative DirectionEditorial Design
Drag & Drop as a Platform
Channel Meetings in Microsoft Teams
Part 3/8 of the Microsoft Teams global product introduction series. This video covers Microsoft Teams core channel meet up experience.
Motion GraphicsUI/UX
Microsoft Team's Mobile Calling Motion
Legacy Microsoft Logo Recreation
This was a personal project and exploration into 3D lighting, modeling, reflectance texturing, and subsurface scattering.
Computer Animation
Introducing Microsoft Teams
Introducing Microsoft Teams, the chat-based workspace in Office 365. When teams have a dedicated place designed to help them be more effective together, there's no limit to what they can achieve.
Motion GraphicsCreative Direction
2017 UX Motion Reel
Compilation of UX motion work coupled with live action footage and in device UI animations.
Interaction DesignMotion GraphicsUI/UX
After Effects script for creating free-form liquid deformations for shapes, solids, text, and masks. Mercury allows you to turn any object into a liquid object with customizable liquid thickness and evolution settings
Kindle Fire HD 6 - Global Support Series
18 part support series for the Kindle Fire HD 6. Our in-house animation outfit created, edited, and localized each of the 18 videos in 18 languages resulting in a output deliverable of 324 animated videos.
Motion Graphics
Amazon Services
Amazon Services works with businesses of all sizes to provide products and solutions backed by the power of Amazon.
Editorial Design
Using Tabs in Microsoft Teams
Learn how to integrate the data and services you love right into your chat or channel using Microsoft Teams.
Motion GraphicsUI/UXCreative Direction
Amazon Core Shopping Team
Shopping Core owns many of the technical features and functionality for, beginning with the homepage and navigation elements across the top of every page, to the product pages and all the way through to the checkout experience.
Editorial Design
Teams And Channels
Learn how teams can bring together all the right people, communications, files, and tools using Microsoft Teams
Art DirectionMotion GraphicsUI/UX
Working for Amazon as a SDE
We talked with some of Amazon's Software Development Engineers, and learned what they liked about working here. You might be surprised to find out all the different and innovative projects Amazon tackles every day!
Editorial Design
Working at Amazon
A short video of Amazon employees that helps candidates learn a little about working at Amazon.
Art DirectionEditorial Design
Schedule Meetings with Microsoft Teams
Find out everything you need to know about scheduling and organizing meetings in Microsoft Teams. Easily view all your upcoming Outlook appointments and quickly join Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams meetings.
Motion GraphicsUI/UX
The Mobile Team
Amazon Mobile is one of our fastest growing strategic new businesses focused on mobile commerce. We build, launch and manage Amazon's business on mobile websites and apps across all smartphone and tablet platforms.
Editorial Design
Private Conversations and Calling
Part 4/8 of the Microsoft Teams global product introduction series. This video covers private 1:1 and group chat, document history preservation, and private group calling
Art DirectionMotion Graphics
The Amazon Webstore Team
Amazon Webstore is a new business initiative offering a comprehensive, SaaS-based ecommerce solution that allows companies to build and operate a full-featured ecommerce site on Amazon technology.
CinematographyEditorial DesignSound Design
Kindle Fire HDX - Global Support Series
18-part global support series for the Kindle Fire HDX. Our in-house animation outfit created, edited, and localized each of these videos in 18 languages resulting in a output deliverable of 324 animated videos.
Motion GraphicsUI/UX
Amazon eTextbooks Presents...
Web commercial series for Amazon eTextbooks. Study smarter, not harder
AdvertisingEditorial Design
Kindle Paperwhite Global Support Series
14-part support series for the Kindle Paperwhite Gen 2. Our in-house animation outfit created, edited, and localized each of the 14 videos in 18 languages resulting in a output deliverable of 252 animated videos.
Motion Graphics
MMS 2013 Keynote Open Video
As seen at the 2013 Microsoft Management Summit keynote, featuring Microsoft MVP's from around the world.
Syfy -Original Series Ident
Conceptual render for the Syfy channel, the goal was to capture brand essence through animation, tone, lighting, and texturing
Art DirectionBrandingMotion Graphics
Amazon Fire TV Help Series
Seven part global help series for Amazon's Fire TV. For this project our in-house team created, edited, and localized each of the seven videos in 18 languages resulting in a total of 126 videos.
Motion GraphicsAnimation
Amazon Echo Global Support Series
Eight part video help series created to help get Amazon Echo customers up and running on the device. Our in-house team created, edited, and localized each of the eight videos in 18 languages resulting in a total of 144 videos.
Motion GraphicsUI/UXAnimation - Digital Photography Series
34-part digital photography series from The series covers a range of consumer and prosumer digital photography cameras along with expert advice from the editors at
Art DirectionMotion GraphicsCreative Direction
More Productive Conversations
Part 2/8 of the Microsoft Teams global product introduction series. This video covers Microsoft Teams core conversation platform highlighting @mentioning, threaded messaging, document viewing, document co-editing.
Art DirectionMotion GraphicsUI/UX
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